For Minetest 5.1 and above

How do I install this?

Tired of other weather mods that just don't work? Tired of it always being sunny in your game? Then use CLIMA!

Yes, another climate mod. :-D


  • Intelligent Weather Engine (IWE).
  • Effects: Rain, snow and sand.
  • The weather is always related on biomes (temperature and humidity). So this mod does not work with mapgen v6.0.
  • This mod create areas of weather (spheres of 80 radius by default), so many players can share the same climate.
  • Simple and efective. Fast!
  • Wind Feature. "get_player_wind(player)" function.
  • Configurable via "climaz.conf".



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Doesn't work

    I downloaded it then tried it out. Nothing happend, so I looked for commands and there weren't any. That was dissapointing because had I hoped for nice weather with this mod, but there weren't even commands I could use. So I suggest making the commands that you say there are but I dont see work, or making the weathers happen more frequently.

  • Works perfectly

    I didn't try other weather mods yet, so I cannot compare, but this one works perfectly.