Juanchi Game

A game just for fun with blocks, animals and a lot of more.

Minetest Game improved

Do construct with blocks. Play online. Fun!

  • An open world to interact to.
  • Nice Visuals.
  • Make your dreamed constructions.
  • Farming.
  • Animals to tame.
  • Vehicles.
  • Armor.
  • Potion Brewing & Weapon Enchanting.
  • Uranium. Mini Nuke.
  • Play online through servers around the whole world.
  • 100% compatible with the majority of the mods.
  • License: AGPLv3. Share the game with your friends/family and do not care about licenses!
  • Languages: English/Spanish/Plus other.



Do you recommend this game?

  • Boring. Stagnant. Players are better off installing modpacks from servers...


    I do not recommend JG for any players whatsoever until the core gameplay of JG is established and harnessed to stand above and beyond MTG. Players are better off git cloneing modpacks from their favorite servers as they will be familiar with how it works. Albeit packing visuals and nicer ambiance, those are secondary to JG as it has no main leg to stand that justifies me to continue playing this game.

    Inspired from Hugues Ross' analogy: JG represents a bloody raw pork (MTG) with some recently unfrosted side dish (mods), some nice garnish (textures) and ambiance (music). The dish is still awful because there's nothing notable that separates it from a bloody raw pork on a plate.

    More in the comments...

    Slated for re-review in the near future for the new release

  • It's a start

    I played this game for an hour, and I'll say this--the game is better than the cursed Sam on the icon may imply. It falls into the Minetest game genre of "mod soup", games that take MTG and load existing mods over it in the hope of turning it into a real game. And as far as soup goes, this one's not too bad. Runs has replaced the default textures, and a number of non-default textures, with new ones that match up well enough. He's even added some chill music to the game, which I can certainly get behind!

    Unfortunately, this is not enough for me to recommend the game in its current state. The problems start with the inventory. I'm aware that this comes from the unified_inventory mod, but you chose to put it in, it doesn't fit the game's aesthetic at all, and the UX is pretty awful... there are over 1500 recipes to dig through from the start, and all you have to help you is a searchbar. This makes it hard to see what you can actually do with the items you find, and is extra disappointing when you discover that the new ore you found has no use.

    The game has mobs. I can confirm this, because in the full hour that I played I encountered exactly 2 of them. Like the inventory, they also don't fit the look at all. But since they're functionally nonexistent, ¯\(ツ)/¯. The game also has a hunger meter (that drains so slowly it may as well not matter) and a... row of water droplets? Maybe? That meter did nothing during the hour that I played, I have no idea if it's bugged or just useless. The game also popped up some errors about secure.trusted_mods at launch... a pair of error messages about security is not the best first impression for new players.

    In short, I think the game's got some variety and basic aesthetic down but the actual gameplay is lacking. You've successfully put lipstick on the pig that is MTG, which is better than some folks! But it's still a pig, and with all the annoyances I just don't see anything compelling me to keep playing.

  • A solid variation on the MTG formula

    Yes, it's mod soup, yes, the inventory has hundreds of things to sift through, but as mod soup goes? This is not bad at all. It's primarily a showcase for runs' own mods. Its aesthetics are polished to a shine, his original mods work well, and it all adds up to a nice, lighthearted game with a lot of things to do. The Petz mod is probably the star of the show, but there's plenty else besides.

    I personally had great fun collecting all the different butterflies , and chasing them up and down a narrow valley. They'd alight for a moment up on a tree before flying off in a line towards some distant point, and I'd have to try to gauge their likely path, get out in front and intercept them -- climbing trees, leaping off ledges with my net swinging wildly! Definitely one of the more pleasant experiences I've had in a block game. All in all, yes, I can recommend Juanchi Game.

  • Stop hating on this!

    Yes, Juanchi Game is somewhat good. For instance, most mods are made by runs himself, but only a few are made by others, this game can be quite imersive at times with it's biomes, I can't wait to see how imersive this looks when shadows are released. Ignore the cursed Sam in the thumbnail and just have some fun!