Very cute mascots: Kittens, puppies, duckies, lambs... Take care of them!

Mobs / Animals / NPCs

**Are you tired of ugly mobs? Do you like the kawaii world and taste?

The PetZ are here now for you!

PetZ available by now: Kitty, Puppy, Lamb, Beaver, Lion, Calf, Panda, Frog, Grizzly, Ducky, Pony, Parrot, Chicken, Pigeon, Chimpance, Elephant, Turtle, Clownfish, Tropicalfish, Moth, Wolf, Camel, Bat, Hamster, Dolphin, Toucan and Piggy.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • best pets for minetest

    who likes a lot of animals, much more modern, better mod without a doubt.. now there is a mod monsters to match it.. when you put the pets, and mob monsters, it's not so cool, because the pets are different XD ..


  • Loved by kids of all ages!

    This mod brings a lot to a minetest world, particularly for kids. It has remained reliable through server, client, and mod updates.


  • The best mod I have ever installed on Minetest!

    It works very well even when my game has other 20 different mods at the same time! All the Petz are super cute and spending a little time with them is allways fun, there is a huge amount of animals and types. I just wish there were more breedable Petz and more variety of food to tame them.


  • Server Would Not Load Mod Due to API Dependency Even When user.conf ed for Mods Redo

    I checked everything and I could not come to a conclusion on why the mod still requires mobkit API and such.

    Mobs Redo expressly said not to run APIs in palleral unless it's supported which is why this a major turn off for me that it will not "plug" into the API.


  • No notable competition

    Petz is pretty much the only good mod in it's field (pets).


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