Very cute mascots: Kittens, puppies, duckies, lambs... Take care of them!

Mobs / Animals / NPCs

**Are you tired of ugly mobs? Do you like the kawaii world and taste?

The PetZ are here now for you!

PetZ available by now: Kitty, Puppy, Lamb, Beaver, Lion, Calf, Panda, Frog, Grizzly, Ducky, Pony, Parrot, Chicken, Pigeon, Chimpance, Elephant, Turtle, Clownfish, Tropicalfish, Moth, Wolf, Camel, Bat, Hamster, Dolphin, Toucan and Piggy.

Contains artificial insemination



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Comprehensive animal mod, but is targeting the wrong audience (Which I assume to be young kids)

    I thought this would be a fun mod to add to a LAN server for some neighborhood kids, but the (as far as I can see) only breeding method was an instant nope

  • Agreed on questionablity

    This is a pretty cool mod, the ai of the mobs is nice.

    I do have to agree on questionable content. From what lone wolf says, this definanlty can't be a mod for kids with that, there was also a bad word in the forum post I also thought the "killer santa" was really weird, my understanding of this mod, was to create more of a mobs mod for kids, that adds tamable animals/pets, I don't get the killer santa and other things you added like, that, isn't this a "petz" mod? Plus that's not a good idea for a kid's mod.

    I think this is potentially a great mod for kids if these issues get fixed. As for now I can't reccomend this mod for kids. Thanks for your time working on this mod, but I would be very happy if you could fix these problems.


  • Server Would Not Load Mod Due to API Dependency Even When user.conf ed for Mods Redo

    I checked everything and I could not come to a conclusion on why the mod still requires mobkit API and such.

    Mobs Redo expressly said not to run APIs in palleral unless it's supported which is why this a major turn off for me that it will not "plug" into the API.

  • Questionable content

    i mostly agree with lone wolfs review that this mod contains questionable content, as well as the author has a history of creating or intending to create questionable content. on the plus side this mod does have a nice variety of mobs based on mobkit which is way better than mobs redo. however the texture style does not really mesh well with mtg

  • Great mod

    Adds lots of animals, great for kids, only has one or two problems: 1. Why is there a pumpkin killer? And a Santa killer? And a werewolf? Isn't it supposed to be "petz"? Not that it isn't enjoyable... 2. How in the world do you turn people into werewolfs? There aren't any descriptions for it, please look into this. Thank you.

  • Adds lots of animals.

    This mod adds a bunch of fun mobs, some that you wouldn't expect from a mod that provides pets.

    My only complaint is that the semen collection uses the syringe, which is completely inacurate. Although in Runs defense, I really don't know how to do it better.

    You can watch my review on it here,

  • Meh mod

    Not bad but here are some complaints. 1. Questionable breeding system. 2. Artstyle does not look like Minetest's which would be better. Other than that good mod.

  • The best mod I have ever installed on Minetest!

    It works very well even when my game has other 20 different mods at the same time! All the Petz are super cute and spending a little time with them is allways fun, there is a huge amount of animals and types. I just wish there were more breedable Petz and more variety of food to tame them.

  • best pets for minetest

    who likes a lot of animals, much more modern, better mod without a doubt.. now there is a mod monsters to match it.. when you put the pets, and mob monsters, it's not so cool, because the pets are different XD ..

  • Loved by kids of all ages!

    This mod brings a lot to a minetest world, particularly for kids. It has remained reliable through server, client, and mod updates.


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