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The Samz Game

A game to and for Kidz.



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  • Just... not.

    This game has barely any content. It's just taken from devtest, given some new textures, new items, and some other stuff to push the game towards "being different".

    However, it runs using the wrong base, just like wikimedia was made from PHP, the incorrect base to build off.

    The developer also wants vendor-lock-in with their modding environment (see here), which goes against the values of FOSS. Not a good idea.

    And here is the dealbreaker: forced gender roles. At the start of the game, with absolutely no demand nor importance for the feature it asks you to go into one of two boxes "boy" or "girl". This makes absolutely no sense! What if someone does not fit in the boxes? What if someone dosen't want to reveal that data? And why are items designated as "boy's" or "girl's"? Why can't i cross-dress? What is wrong with that?

    This game will push children in the wrong direction into thinking some objects can only be used by a specific half of the population. This will eventually, if left uncontrolled, lead directly into barriers to entering fields; Programming is already a male-dominated field and i don't want that to continue.

    Until the developer can stop standing on their sandy foundation talking about how amazing and different their game is when it barely adds anything, adds new contents, removes gender roles entirely (or at the very least allow cross-dressing and a "other" button when selecting a gender), i will be going with a solid nope.

  • 面白い


  • Interesting game

    It would be a great introduction to Minetest for any sensible parent.



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