Mineclone 5

A survival sandbox game (work in progress!). Survive, gather, hunt, build, explore, and do much more. An imitation of Minecraft

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You start in a randomly-generated world made entirely of cubes. You can explore the world and dig and build almost every block in the world to create new structures. You can choose to play in a “survival mode” in which you have to fight monsters and hunger for survival and slowly progress through the various other aspects of the game, such as mining, farming, building machines, and so on Or you can play in “creative mode” in which you can build almost anything instantly.

Gameplay summary Sandbox-style gameplay, no goals Survive: Fight against hostile monsters and hunger Mine for ores and other treasures Magic: Gain experience and enchant your tools Use the collected blocks to create great buildings, your imagination is the limit Collect flowers (and other dye sources) and colorize your world Find some seeds and start farming Find or craft one of hundreds of items Build a railway system and have fun with minecarts Build complex machines with redstone circuits In creative mode you can build almost anything for free and without limits



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