Books Redux

A full rewrite of default books from Minetest Game

Tools / Weapons / Armor

Books Redux is full rewrite of default books from Minetest Game, offering players a rich selection of books and papers for highly personalized in-game communication.

Even better still, books and papers are both easily craftable using the same traditional recipes as before: 3 papyrus for one paper, and 3 paper for one book.

With so many possible combinations of sizes, colors, and styles, the design possibilities are virtually endless! Moreover, custom layout and formatting of text is also possible using the Bedrock Markup Language. In fact, the editor for books and papers should be very familiar to those accustomed to the Signs Redux mod

Of course, plain-text messages are acceptable as well, as they will render exactly as they are input, without any fancy colors or styles. Then again, that would be boring!

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