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Tools for admins to have fun with cheating and otherwise rule-breaking players

Server Moderation and Tools

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Adds commands to allow you to annoy players (perhaps for rule-breaking) that do not make it impossible to play, but are a significant impairment.

Command list:

  • /antigravity <person>: Gives that person antigravity
  • /jump <person>: Gives that person huge jump boost, usually killing them. (unless used with /glide)
  • /fast <person>: Gives that person a lot of speed
  • /freeze <person> Freezes that person by not allowing them to move or jump. They can only move if they are teleported or dig underneath themselves.
  • /controls <person>: Gives that person very quirky controls, resulting in a literally uncontrollable character. Use with caution!
  • /glide <person>: Anti-fall damage (to some extent). Slows descent of player.
  • /reset <person>: Resets gravity, eye offset and visual size

All of these commands require the "server" priv.



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