Creating an Account

If you have a forum account, you'll need to prove that you own it to get an account on ContentDB.

Don't have a forum account? You don't need one, however it's recommended to make the most out of the Minetest community.

Create a Forum Account
Option 1 Use GitHub field in forum profile

Enter your forum username here:

You'll need to have the GitHub field in your forum profile filled out. Log into the forum and do that here.

Option 2 Verification token

Enter your forum username here:

Go to User Control Panel > Profile > Edit signature

Paste this into your signature:

Click next so we can check it.

Don't worry, you can remove it after this is done.

Option 3 Email/password sign up

Only do this if you don't have a forum account!

If you have a forum account, please use one of the other two options.