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ContentDB was created by rubenwardy in 2018, he was lucky enough to have the time available as it was submitted as university coursework. To learn about the history and development of ContentDB, see the blog post.

ContentDB is open source software, licensed under AGPLv3.0.

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Why was ContentDB created?

Before ContentDB, users had to manually install mods and games by unzipping their files into a directory. This is poor user experience, especially for first-time users.

ContentDB isn't just about supporting the in-game content downloader; it's common for technical users to find and review packages using the ContentDB website, but install using Git rather than the in-game installer. ContentDB's purpose is to be a well-formatted source of information about mods, games, and texture packs for Minetest.

How do I learn how to make mods and games for Minetest?

You should read the official Minetest Modding Book for a guide to making mods and games using Minetest.

You can donate to rubenwardy to cover ContentDB's costs and support future development.

For more information about what the cost of ContentDB and what rubenwardy does, see his donation page:

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Minetest and ContentDB are sponsored by sentry.io. This provides us with improved error logging and performance insights.