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Wrench screenshot
Wrench by mt-mods

Adds a wrench to pick up nodes with inventories, such as chests, and transport them to another location.

NodeCore screenshot
NodeCore by Warr1024

Discover and invent in a surreal, unsympathetic world of cubes, patterns, and abstractions.

Areas screenshot
Areas by ShadowNinja

Areas is a advanced area protection mod based on node_ownership.

Mineclonia Stoneblock screenshot
Mineclonia Stoneblock by cora

The claustrophobic anti-skyblock challenge - everything is there but covered in stone, mine-to-win DO NOT USE WITH EXISTING MAPS!

Datatest screenshot
Datatest by dibesfer

8 new biomes with nodes, ores and schematics, inspired by digital data

Default LS screenshot
Default LS by TumeniNodes

The default TP for Minetest Game, using reduced saturation

Age of Mending screenshot
Age of Mending by Sumianvoice

Age of Mending: Sandbox game about building your own world and exploring a new one. Last breaking changes: a28

Item Physics screenshot
Item Physics by Sumianvoice

Makes items lay flat on the ground and not spin.

Backrooms Test screenshot
Backrooms Test by Sumianvoice

A game about exploring uncanny, vaguely unsettling, liminal spaces. The goal is to explore, be lost, wander. Can you find all the levels?

Vignette Redo screenshot
Vignette Redo by kestral

Optionally place a vignette filter over the screen.

Flow screenshot
Flow by Luke

A formspec library that automatically positions and sizes elements