Content Flags

Content flags allow you to hide content based on your preferences. The filtering is done server-side, which means that you don't need to update your client to use new flags.


Minetest allows you to specify a comma-separated list of flags to hide in the client:

contentdb_flag_blacklist = nonfree, bad_language, drugs

A flag can be:

  • nonfree: can be used to hide packages which do not qualify as 'free software', as defined by the Free Software Foundation.
  • wip: packages marked as Work in Progress
  • deprecated: packages marked as Deprecated
  • A content warning, given below.
  • *: hides all content warnings.

There are also two meta-flags, which are designed so that we can change how different platforms filter the package list without making a release.

  • android_default: currently same as *, deprecated. Hides all content warnings and deprecated packages
  • desktop_default: currently same as deprecated. Hides deprecated packages

Content Warnings

Packages with mature content will be tagged with a content warning based on the content type.

  • bad_language: swearing.
  • drugs: drugs or alcohol.
  • gambling
  • gore: blood, etc.
  • horror: shocking and scary content.
  • violence: non-cartoon violence.