What should editors do?

Editors are users of rank Editor or above. They are responsible for ensuring that the package listings of ContentDB are useful. For this purpose, they can/will:

  • Review and approve packages.
  • Edit any package - including tags, releases, screenshots, and maintainers.
  • Create packages on behalf of authors who aren't present.

Editors should make sure they are familiar with the Package Inclusion Policy and Guidance.

ContentDB is not a curated platform

It's important to note that ContentDB isn't a curated platform - a mod doesn't need to be good to be accepted, but there are some minimum requirements when it comes to usefulness and other things. See 2.2 in the Policy and Guidance.

Editor Work Queue

The Editor Work Queue and related pages contain useful information for editors, such as:

  • The package, release, and screenshot approval queues.
  • Packages which are outdated or are missing tags.
  • A list of forum topics without packages.

Editor Notifications

Editors currently receive notifications for any new thread opened on a package, so that they know when a user is asking for help. These notifications are shown separately in the notifications interface, and can be configured separately in Emails and Notifications.

Crash Course to being an Editor

The Package Inclusion Policy and Guidance is our go-to resource for making decisions in changes needed, similar to how lua_api.txt is the doc for modders to consult.

In the Editor console, the two most important tabs are the Editor Work Queue and the Forum Topics tab. Primarily you will be focusing on the Editor Work Queue tab, where a list of packages to review is.

When you have some free time, feel free to scroll through the Forum Topics page and import mods into ContentDB. But don't import a mod if it's broken, outdated, not that useful, or not worth importing - click Discard instead.

A simplified process for reviewing a package is as follows:

  1. scan the package image if present for any obvious closed source assets.
  2. if right to a name warning is present, check its validity and if the package meets the exceptions.
  3. if the forums topic missing warning is present, feel free to check it, but it's usually incorrect.
  4. check source, etc links to make sure they work and are correct.
  5. verify that the package has license file that matches what is on the contentdb fields
  6. if the above steps pass, approve the package, else request changes needed from the author