Supported Games


The supported/compatible games feature allows mods to specify the games that they work with, which improves user experience.

Support sources

mod.conf / texture_pack.conf

You can use supported_games to specify games that your mod/modpack/texture pack is compatible with.

You can use unsupported_games to specify games that your package doesn't work with, which is useful for overriding ContentDB's automatic detection.

Both of these are comma-separated lists of game technical ids. Any _game suffixes are ignored, just like in Minetest.

supported_games = minetest_game, repixture
unsupported_games = lordofthetest, nodecore, whynot

If your package supports all games by default, you can put "*" in supported_games. You can still use unsupported_games to mark games as unsupported. You can also specify games that you've tested in supported_games.

# Should work with all games but I've only tested using Minetest Game:
supported_games = *, minetest_game

# But doesn't work in capturetheflag
unsupported_game = capturetheflag


ContentDB will analyse hard dependencies and work out which games a mod supports.

This uses a recursive algorithm that works out whether a dependency can be installed independently, or if it requires a certain game.

On ContentDB

You can define supported games on ContentDB, but using .conf is recommended instead.

Combining all the sources

.conf will override anything ContentDB detects. The manual override on ContentDB overrides .conf and dependencies.