Supported Games

This feature is experimental


The supported/compatible games feature allows mods to specify the games that they work with, which improves user experience.

Support sources


You can use supported_games to specify games that your mod is compatible with.

You can use unsupported_games to specify games that your mod doesn't work with, which is useful for overriding ContentDB's automatic detection.

Both of these are comma-separated lists of game technical ids. Any _game suffixes are ignored, just like in Minetest.

supported_games = minetest_game, repixture
unsupported_games = lordofthetest, nodecore, whynot


ContentDB will analyse hard dependencies and work out which games a mod supports.

This uses a recursive algorithm that works out whether a dependency can be installed independently, or if it requires a certain game.

Combining all the sources

mod.conf will override anything ContentDB detects.