Ranks and Permissions


  • New Members - mostly untrusted, cannot change package meta data or publish releases without approval.
  • Members - Trusted to change the meta data of their own packages', but cannot approve their own packages.
  • Trusted Members - Same as above, but can approve their own releases.
  • Editors - Trusted to edit any package or release, and also responsible for approving new packages.
  • Moderators - Same as above, but can manage users.
  • Admins - Full access.


Rank New Member Member Trusted Editor Moderator Admin
Owner of thing Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N
Create Package
Approve Package
Delete Package
Edit Package
Edit Maintainers
Add/Delete Screenshot
Approve Screenshot
Make Release
Approve Release
Change Release URL
See Private Thread
Edit Comments
Set Email 2
Create Token 2
Set Rank 3 23
  1. Target user cannot be an admin.
  2. Cannot set user to a higher rank than themselves.