Top Packages Algorithm

Pseudo rolling average

Every package loses 5% of its score every day.

An open source package will gain 1 score for each unique download, whereas a non-free package will only gain 0.1 score.

A package currently only gains score through downloads. In the future, a package will also gain score through reviews.

Seeded using a legacy heuristic

The scoring system was seeded (ie: the scores were initially set to) 20% of an arbitrary legacy heuristic that was previously used to rank packages.

This legacy heuristic is as follows:

forum_score = views / max(years_since_creation, 2 weeks) + 80*clamp(months, 0.5, 6)
forum_bonus = views + posts

multiplier = 1
if no screenshot:
    multiplier *= 0.8
if not foss:
    multiplier *= 0.1

score = multiplier * (max(downloads, forum_score * 0.6) + forum_bonus)

As said, this legacy score is no longer used when ranking mods. It was only used to provide an initial score for the rolling average, which was 20% of the above value.

Transparency and Feedback

You can see all scores using the scores REST API.

Consider suggesting improvements.