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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Blink Teleport mod for Minetest


Minetest 5.0.0+


Blink is a short distance teleport with a cooldown period, similar to a reuseable ender pearl. The further you blink, the longer the cooldown. You can also place a temporary marker that will display your destination if you were to blink. This will add a new dynamic to PvP and/or survival servers. If you blink into a player or a mob, you will find yourself directly behind them facing their back.

Right click or double tap to blink in the direction you are looking. Left click or tap and hold to show a glowing orb at the location you would blink to. If you do this twice in the same place, you will blink to that spot (see screenshots)

Blink Rune is limited uses (150 by default) and fairly easy to craft. Forever Rune is infinite uses and is more expensive to craft. Craft recipes vary depending on which game you are playing or which mods are installed.

Blink adds a few items for crafting purposes: Bone and Bone Shard. If Bonemeal is detected, that bone will be used instead. If Techpack is installed, a grinder recipe is added. If Bonemeal is not installed then there is a small chance of finding a bone when digging any type of soil.

Blink does not depend on MTG so it will work with any game including Mineclone.


  • By default you cannot blink into or out of protected areas (configurable)
  • Ability to specify a protection owner to allow blinking (Useful for public areas)
  • Height check disallows blinking into a space too short for the player
  • If you blink into a player or mob, you will move directly behind them and face their back
  • currently compatible with all of Mobs Redo, NSSM, Creeper, and DMobs
  • Swoosh sound included (7 sounds played randomly)
  • Default max blink distance is 20 nodes (configurable)
  • Able to set static cooldown and/or dynamic cooldown (0.1s for each block travelled + the static cooldown)


Open the tab Settings -> All Settings -> Mods -> blink to get a list of all possible settings.

For server owners: Check settingtypes.txt and modify your minetest.conf according to the wanted setting changes.


  • Localize
  • Maybe switch to first weapon in hotbar when blinking behind players or mobs
  • Clean up and document code


Code is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3 or later. See LICENSE.txt and

Graphics were created by my wife and I and are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 See textures/LICENSE.txt and

Sounds were downloaded from and explicit permissions was obtained to include with Blink See sounds/credits.txt and sounds/permission.txt and



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