You are on a floor plan of a castle. Collect resources and rebuild the old castle

One-of-a-kind / Original Sims Strategy / RTS

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Minetest 5.3 - 5.3

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Castrum is my new game for Minetest. You are on a floor plan of a castle. Hit a diamond block to build and upgrade a building. Go first to the quarry in the east. Collect resources and rebuild the old castle



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  • I realy like it but still incomeplate

    I realy like your game but i want to finish the full game and not reading coming soon blocks please please finishe it T_T

  • Plays Best as Idle Game... Eventually

    This game starts out boring, but it gets better. It would be nice if there were a way to boost resource gathering, like working in the mine.

    Appearance and gameplay wise, I'm closer to neutral than actually liking this entry. It does a terrible job at communicating with the player, walking speed feels a bit slow (perhaps it would be cool to have a stable with horses you an ride around?), the builds are unappealing, way too much is uselessly oddly breakable by hand, and "chapter 1" gets its own point off for being expensive and having very unclear rules. But I cannot downvote because I recognize the effort that must have gone into the back end.

    I'd like to see what a few builders, a historian, and a couple texture/sound artists could do with this concept.

  • Buggy but cool concept and fun

    There isn't much conent for Minetest that adds a large-scale building with different levels of builds, so this is definetly unique also with its build style (medieval). I like the unlocking mechanic, where you need to build things before you can move on. Has minor bugs and sometimes I don't know what to do but overall good game.

  • Very interesting demo of what can be done with minetest

    Adding STR to minetest open a mix of very interesting possibility. It shows that Minetest is a motor that can be used for far more than just minecraft-like game.



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