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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Labyrinthus is a puzzle game in minetest. Can you help the nyancat to find her rainbow block?? But first you have to solve puzzles to color the rainbow block.

Use your Up, Down, Right, Left key to control the cat and if you jump the cat will throw a ball. (if you have one) Use the sneak key to restart a level and aux1 to reset the last step.

Over 140 blocks with differend functions to solve more than 680 puzzles.

You can also create your own levels with the editor in the inventory. Simply press the "Create" button and choose a suitable name. On the left side, the bottom layer of the game board is displayed, and on the right side, the layer of blocks above it. On both sides, you can change the blocks by first selecting a block type at the bottom and then clicking on the respective positions. The created levels are saved as "own_level_xxx.txt" in the folder of your world. You are welcome to share your created levels with us here or try levels from others by copying the level file into your world folder, using the "import" button, and entering the respective name.



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