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50 achievements to earn, 11 differend monsters to hunt, 6 animals to tame, 20 differend mods, more than 20 new ores, 129 skins, 11 differend craft types, 6 xp types, up to 8 very big bagpacks, a huge inventory, many tools with cool functions and more then 3700 different blocks, items and tools. Craft keys, colect xp, craft battleaxes, armor, guns and lots more. And this in only one Game.



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  • How on earth did this take 8 years to make?

    According to the in-game guide, this game was made over the course of 8 years. To be perfectly frank, it looks more like 8 weeks of work at best.

    Combat barely functions. Mobs appear to be identical reskins of the same model, are incapable of moving slightly to the side to get around an obstacle, and cease to do damage if the player puts on any piece of armor. A pair of wooden clogs is all it takes to foil these beasts, who will queue up ~2m from the player and respectfully wait to be slain. That is, unless they come in contact with any water which will melt them in seconds. Just to be sure that this wasn't just an early-game thing, I turned on noclip and flew to Y -1,750. The mobs there were no different.

    The game's UI is a sprawling mess of menus, full of typos and broken english. I assume english is not the dev's first language, but it makes some sections (such as the guide explaining how the game works) mostly-unintelligible. Of course, none of that excuses the poor layout and UX, which often requires twice as much clicking to do anything as similar games.

    The game seems to revolve upgrading a 'battleaxe', which is every tool from MTG combined, indestructible, and better than them in every way. And yet, those tools still exist to clog up the craftguide for no reason...

    I could keep going, there's plenty more to say but... the dev clearly doesn't care about the quality of their game, and I'm finding it hard to care about the quality of my review. I think I've given enough examples to make my point.



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