Adds british-inspired signs and signals


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This mod adds british-inspired signals to minetest.



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  • Conceptually sound but too rough to consider except as a WIP

    First a list of things I quite appreciate:

    • The standard ballast texture, if it could be made to tile better
    • The idea of grades of ballast and the stained ballast node
    • An attempt at modular overhead line equipment
    • The mast truss
    • The idea of cable troughs

    However I find the art a bit inconsistent and there are a few assets for signs that may have been copywronged from, despite being attributed (the author should recall that in the absence of a licence statement, copyright remains all rights reserved). I also think the author missed a big opportunity to use display_modpack for the plethora of 'Stop \<color> of \<x> cars' signs - simply allow writing two numbers in a formspec attached to the sign. Then only one sign node definition is needed per colour. A consistent font or small set of fonts and texture resolutions should also be used instead of a mix of pixel and smooth fonts. Some signs also have a very tiny size in the world, which makes them illegible from more than about half a metre away, yet they still have the same size selection box. Others have a very high resolution which causes a big framerate drop whenever they are wielded in-hand; a separate in-inventory image can address this.

    The overhead line equipment, or as it's referred to in-game "OLE" without explanation: I like the idea of modularity in height and flexibility of track spacing. However, the lack of any wire at 30 and 45 degrees to match the track is a bit dissapointing, even if it would take a lot more to implement. Also, this is not actually the first attempt at OLE for Advtrains - MBB actually made a more basic system back in 2017. Although the britsignals OLE is more complicated and a bit thinner on the wires (which is usaully more desirable), the MBB mod actually manages to get a better colour contrast including darker cables and has a separate messenger/return wire .

    Continues in a comment