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The HTTPBlock takes in a digilines message containing a URL and then returns the content of it.

digiline_send("httpblock", "")

will return somthing like this:

<!doctype html>
    <h1>Example Domain</h1>
    <p>This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. You may use this
    domain in literature without prior coordination or asking for permission.</p>
    <p><a href="">More information...</a></p>

This is a script which returns raw HTML and sends it to a processing block:

if event.type ==  "on" or event.type == "program" then
    digiline_send("httpblock", "")

if event.type == "digiline" and == "lol" then
    digiline_send("processor", event.msg)


Note This node is not usable; Implementation is mostly done except the actual selecting bit.

The selector takes in HTML and a selector:

    <li id='breaking'>Breaking: The server enables the HTTPBlock mod, making the world an IOT device!</li>
    <li>The boring player does yet another thing</li>
    <li id='breaking'>The server goes into recession. Sell your houses before they become worthless!</li>}},

To those familiar with Jquery, this returns the same text as $("#breaking").html() would.

You will then recieve a table which contains the contents of all HTML elements which match:

    "Breaking: The server enables the HTTPBlock mod, making the world an IOT device!",
    "Breaking: The server goes into recession. Sell your houses before they become worthless!"


Send a table containing the URL and data to post:

digiline_send("poster", {
    url = "",
    data = "stuff"

When the post request is done, you will recieve the error code. If it's not 200, something's gone wrong. ContentDB

Installation/Setup/Set Up

Install like any other mod, but ensure you add this mod to trusted mods or Minetest probably won't let you send HTTP requests.


Currently, the mod only contains the httpblock:httpblock. However, there are plans for more complicated blocks now that the Minetest interfacing code is mostly done:

Here are the ones which are 75% the way there but need a little more effort to become stable:

  • HTML Query block - give it table containing HTML and a query (like #id or .class), and it will return the contents of all elements matching the query. (i am currently working on this as we speak)
  • HTTP Posters - sends a post request

And here are the hypothetical ones:

  • JSON converters - turns JSON into a lua table for use later
  • Image-shower - Takes in images and turns them into a format suitable for use with the digilines screen

There are also plans for a web-based service to allow Minetest to interface with, allowing for admins to have an API to interface with scripts. For example, the server wiki might have a script scraping the first news item and sending it to endpoint for the mod to send to LCD screens across the server.

In any case, if i don't make these before 2023-10-01, feel free to make them yourself.


The code and textures are a lightly modified version of the digilines RTC - credit to the devs!


The license for the code is LGPL and the license for the image is CC0.



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