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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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While I may provide bugfixes and compatibility with upcomming MineClone2 versions, I am no longer working on this project. If someone is interested into working on this again please reach me on GitHub or Discord

This project is a free clone of the main modpack of a french minecraft server called Paladium.

This server was created by the french youtuber FuzeIII and is the biggest french pvp-faction.

I attemp to provide players a good alternative, providing singleplayer and multiplayer support, for any purpose. You can freely create a server with this modpack if you want or enjoy singleplayer.



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  • Breaks fresh up-to-date Mineclone and Mineclonia worlds for me on 5.8

    Whether I create a world in Mineclone or Mineclonia, as soon as I enable this modpack and try to load it, the world will crash with an error, says sounds do not exist anymore or something. Extremely weird, what's worse is that after I disable the modpack, the world won't load.