Mid Measure

Quickly get the distance between two nodes and calculate their mid-point


Mid-Measure [mid_measure] (v1.0)

Mid-Measure is a Minetest mod which can be used for quickly calculating the distance (in all three axes) between two nodes, and ascertaining their mid-point, both of which are displayed in the chat (as of now; refer to TODO section below)

The calculations are performed right after pos2 has been marked, and if auto-reset has been enabled, will reset after the configured number of seconds.

Partly inspired by Minetest-WorldEdit

License: MIT

Mod Dependencies: default (optional; see below)

Custom settings

How does this work?

Craft-recipe for marker tool

The craft-recipe is quite simple actually. It's very similar to the recipe for torches, but the coal lump is replaced by a mese crystal fragment here.

[Mese Crystal fragment]


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