Advanced survuver AI mobs

  • NPC Npc mobs that does things like, looking for stuff those needs, mining, crafting, talking, building houses in randomly with furnitures, using tools, and do things it needs to do, and so much more. This ai/mobs/bots can give you a piece of feeling of real players.

  • Monsters & enimies
    You have to be attentive for a big amount of enimies & monsters, one more odd & powerfull then the other. some mobs are as powerfull as they can completely ruin large areas, be carefull with them!

  • The other
    The most mobs is workinng in teams, you can also change to theirs team. There are also spawning some (generated) buildings, like big underground-lab, forts and massive pyramids & a lot of misc stuff



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great, fun Mod, but Bugs every few minutes on my OS/Platform Version

    This is my favorite mod in all of MineTest mods.

    Realistic players, building houses, working as a team, exploirng.

    I'd like to request that you fix the bugs or add error handing.

    My game when this mod is enabled, crashed every few minutes.

    I think the NPCs should do more, most of the NPCs just walk around a bit, mine some sand. the Cool, smarter AIso build houses, work as a team, so Im hoping that the AI becomes smarter.

    Also, please add error handing, the game bugs and crashed every few minutes.