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The tool is a weapon at same time Throw it and it will always return as long there still is velocity/power left It can pick up stuff that is breakable by hand (like no use by tools) and mobs/drops that have 10hp or less. Players (or mobs that have more then 10 hp) will be damaged.

  • Mese can break more stuff, more times at same throw, and can break stuff like stone / ores, makes a flash when hit something

  • Wood cant pick up stuff, less damage, fails if it hit something else then air & leaves.



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  • Very good mod!

    This mod adds a new and really useful tool and weapon to the game which isn't overpowered. The idea is very cool but the mod crashes when you're not careful, please fix!

  • Quite nice

    Your weapon mod is cool. But please update your mod it crashes at every instance saying outdated mod. It crashes when I use it to chop down leaves and wood. Please update this mod.