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How do I install this?

The big box: everything in there will be used as power to create new items. (make shore it not becomes empty or the process will fail and restart)

Left top corner: add stuff that will be cloned, the results will be placed in the right side (make shore it not becomes full)

Buttons and the textbox: you can let other people contribute or use the generator, (press to change status) but only add to burn or take from the results. Write the players names (1 name at every line) then press save.

Locked: only you can add and take. Members: everyone can add, you and members can take. Generally: everyone can add and take.

Other settings in the init.lua: You can accept or deny stuff to generate

Stuff that is more coveted / gives more power

coalblock = 40 coal lump = 10 bucket with lava = 40 tree = 5 plants/leaves = 3 [group:snappy] everything that can burn = 3 [group:flammable] wood kind x3 [group:choppy] hot stuff like lava x10 [group:hot] fire & lava & starts fire x4 [group:igniter]



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