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This mod adds some extra and usefull mesecons stuff.

Player teleport / Player teleport target send a mesecon singnal to a "Player teleport" block, then to a "Player teleport target" to move players/objects near the teleportblock to the target.

Mese teleport / mese teleport target right click a "Mese teleport" and choose a position of a "Mese teleport target" then press save. or punch a "Mese teleport target" with a "Mese teleport target controler" and use to send a singnal (if its not protected from you)

if there are no position selected will the "Mese teleport" block automatically choose your position. every singnal to the "Mese teleport" will be sent to the "Mese teleport target" default distance: 30

Object detector It detects all kinds of object/entitys (except players) and sends a singnal, or choose kind of entity/object to detect

Mese hack tool it can send a signal to every mesecon node by punch it (if its not protected from you)

Codelock the placer can always choose a code to use, and will automacly show in the form when the placer clicks it. the placer can also code a kaycard (place on a codelock) instead of use the form. the card will only work with the placers codelocks with same code (the card saves owners name and code)

Mese damage hurts when active (2 hp/s)

Mese ladder climbable when active

Mese oxygen drowning when active (like water)

Light check Check exact light level

Delayer Longer delays gate

Node switch Replace two nodes with each other



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