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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

Simply transforms the minetest world into 2d dimension. Almost everything are completely flat

players with the leave2d privilege can hold "special" to leave the 2d world or revert

Players can walk, jump, swim, hurt by heights, blocks, drop bones, /sethome /home etc like normal players...

Hold sneak to: sneak, fly/fast, noclip (requires the privileges like default)

if you grant or revoke fly or noclip privileges, the player have to die or respawn to take effect

You can use any mapgen



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Sorry abandoned

    This is my favorite minetest game. 2D is a good idea.

  • Annoying glitchy camera makes the gameplay unbearable

    I stumbled upon this mod by accident and I was very curious to see what the author had managed to do.
    The first try was on an already created world with no other mods enabled but this, and after a short while the fans of my PC started spinning like crazy and the system started to struggle, at least till my character was teleported at ~Y 4000 for no apparent reason. I run /kill but it wasn't long till I got teleported back.
    I then decided to run another test on a brand new world, and this time the problem didn't show up. However, the half stuck camera and the fact that it teleports back almost at every movement of the mouse, makes the experience very frustrating.
    I also tried to give myself a few privileges (fly, noclip), but they didn't work. I had to read the description in here to learn that I need to kill myself first, however such instructions shouldn't be on a separate file, they should be in game.
    In general, I appreciate the creativity of the author, but as for now it only seems the emptier version of Terraria with a very annoying camera

  • Nice !

    Awesome ! This game is so funny :)