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Minetest 5.3 and below

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The gun that can shoot portals :D

The portals can teleport both players, mobs, stuff, and using velocity (which is important) The users portals, deletes when the user leaves the game or if not used for 40sec.

The extra stuff requires mesecons

"place" to change portal mode (or "left+rightclick" to use the other)

"shift+leftclick" to close both portals (or wait becaoue them removes it self)

"leftclick" on an object to carry it, click again to release you can craft it to a decuration block, dig to get it back

More info:

=====Blocks and stuff=====

Antiportal block & glass: cant open potals on them

Hard glass: harder then stone

Checkpoint: touch it until you hear a beep sound, then you will move to it after respawn

Cake: eat a dirt-cake? no way!

Security cam: shoots when you are 10 blocks or nearer it

Sentry turret: shoots when something is front of it

Testblock: decuration

Weighted storage cubes disapear if no players is 40 blocks or nearer it (checks every 20 secund)

Entity destroyer: destroys objects 7 blocks around the pointed (hard punsh)

Weighted storage cube spawner: spawns cubes each 5 sec if no cube in same color is 20 blocks or nearer it

Toxic water: the source kills you in 1 secund

Warntape: decoration, but still usefull

Sign number: its basicly 2 blocks, click one of them to change its number

=====Mesecon & technologic stuff=====

Sign X: turns blue/X when off or orange/V on

Close player portal: closing near players portals on singnal

Portal targets: put on your blue portal on blue or orange on orange to activate the block(s)

Mesecon door: only mesecons singnals can open the door

Button: gives mesecon singnal after rightclick

Delayer: punsh to change time 1-10 (delays before mesecon signal and after)

Damage-block: hurts or invisible when active

Object-destroyer: destroys 7 blocks round it on mesecon singnal

Platforms: gives mesecon singnal when same colord cobe is touch it, purple works with all cubes and players

Plathole: gives mesecon singnal when a cube is 2 blocks under it

Powerball-spawner: spawns a deadly powerball each 20'th secund

Powerball-spawner2: spawns a deadly powerball on mesecon singnal

Powerball-target: gives a mesecon singnal when the powerball hits it (the ball activates it)

Powerdoor: a unbreakable and transparant double block, the owner can puch to dig it, fake disapear when is active and is "mesecon singnal leading", it makes you can make unlimited big doors

Trapblock: looks like the test blocks but become invisable when is active (ghoststone)

Weighted storage cube spawner2: spawns a cube in same color on mesecon singnal



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