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For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

The tool is a easy to use and advanced, its made for buildning, mining, admastration, modefication, testing, suviving and etc...

change modes: fast shifting: sneak + use/click (or use a controler) manu: ctrl/special + use (or place a controler)

PlaceDig xz: place/dig xz (forward/backward/sides)

Undo (undo last change) [quickfix for mistakes] [admin only]

PlaceDig y: place/dig y (up/down)

Replace xz: like PlaceDig, but replacing (forward/backward/sides)

Autoswith: using blocks from more slots on hotbar at same time. (forward/backward/sides)

Travel1/2: set position1/2 like a /sethome1/2 (will not work if the postion are protected)

Teleport: yourself or an object

MassivePlaceDig: place or dig NNN

Gravity control (same code from the gravitygun mod)

Flashlight (works in water+turns of in daylight)

Copy (copy basic structures)

Con: Dig/Replace blocks that are connected to each other, eg dig all connected ores, or remove a lawn

SelectiveRadio: dig/place selected block in radio

Regen: regenerate area (same as /deleteblocks)

vexcazer_adpick: the admin pickaxe [/giveme vex_adpick] (will be given to moderators / admins)

vexcazer_auto_ad_mod: enables benefits with give/creative + autoget ad/mod vex when using an unused common-vexcazer /giveme vex_ad, /giveme vex_mod

vexcazer_copy: copy mode

vexcazer_flashlight: flashlight mode

vexcazer_gravity: gravitycontrol mode

vexcazer_massive: MassivePlaceDig

vexcazer_powergen: powergenerator / charger

vexcazer_teleport: teleport mode

vexcazer_travel: travle modes

vexcazer_chunk: (dig / replace nodes that is connected to each other

vexcazer_radio radio/selective radio

vexcazer_regen Regen

vexcazer_con: connected blocks

vexcazer_telepad: teleport pads

All info you need will be found when you using the tools.



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