XaEnvironment by AiTechEye

A game that aims to contain lots of environments and things.


This is a brand new game, built totaly from scratch (no parts from default minetest)

As the name "extra Environment" the game aims to contain lots of environments and things. The goal is not to compete to default minetest, but as a fine and playable alternative to it.

Im trying to make the game work with common mods, but will still be different, eg wood/stone tools is replaced with flint, softer wield hand (i would like to see anyone break a tree with his hand :) etc...

The game also have api's for code we are repeating, eg plants/trees, tools, furnishings ... this speeds up the modding, also alows "automatic modding" becaouse those api's only needs 1 or 2 textures with a name to generate a bunch of items

Beginning tips: You are starting with a craftguide (or it becomes way to hard to start) Tools can only be crafted by workbench except flint tools (for realistic reasons :) Get stricks from leaves and ground, get flint from sand and craft with sticks to tools.

See more details and news at the forum