The game aims to contain extra environments and things. The current goal is to create a adventure game full of things to explore.

Beginning tips: You are starting with a craftguide. Tools can only be crafted by workbench except flint tools. Get stricks from leaves and ground, get flint from sand and craft with sticks to tools.

You becomes hungry and tirsty, eat fruits or meat and drink fresh water to survive. (drink by punching into water)

The game does not contain gross violence, magic, occultism or any other supernatural phenomena, but monsters (brings some action)

Try the parkour features:
sneak to crawl,
wallrunning by run into/very near a wall and jump
wall/edge climbing by walk into a wall edge

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  • The Best Bad Game I've Played In a Rather Long While

    XaEnvironment is not a good game. It's janky, doesn't do a good job explaining its mechanics, doesn't look good, doesn't sound good... and yet, I've had a blast playing it. It's the kind of bad that comes off as earnest and endearing, rather awful or lazy.

    I've only played the game for about half an hour, but in that time I:

    • Spawned at the bottom of a deep valley, unsure how to leave
    • Discovered that, in fact, the game has a lot of movement tech and the cliffs around me were traversable without any digging/building!
    • Then, drunk on power, I accidentally flung myself off a cliff into the ocean...
    • ...where I wound up trapped in some rapids and drowned
    • I started a new world and spawned into a village full of NPCs with fake random garbled player name tags...
    • ...who began hollering various things into chat...
    • ...including one guy asking if the dev could please remove the NPCs already
    • I then wandered off back into the wilderness, got into a terrifying and dramatic fistfight with a bird, then died of thirst

    Even dying horribly is a genuinely interesting experience in this game!

    I feel like I should still point out some of the bad parts of this game in the interest of giving the dev actionable feedback. The biggest problem that I see right now is that most interfaces are really cluttered and poorly designed, including some particularly annoying behaviors (eg. pressing enter in the search field closes the craftguide instead of searching). Additionally, while it's neat to see animals and npcs all over the place the volume of sound effects feel really out of wack. It's hard to describe, but it feels like everything is next to you even if it's rather far away. Finally, more feedback and polish on the parkour would be really helpful. You have a neat system, but it can still feel pretty unclear and disorienting at times.

    Even in its current state, the game has enough novel stuff to be worth a look. It's fun.


    Lots of cool content! Parkour, dimensions, villages and so much more, this game is very cool and has so much stuff and best of all, it is original!!!