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This mod allows you to send messages to your players in an interval.


Get it from


  1. Copy the "yl_ticker" folder to your mod directory.
  2. Enable the mod in your file.


yl_ticker.debug = false

Set to true to enable debug mode


Set this to where in the worldfolder you want the JSON files stored.


Set this to what the chatcommand should start with. Default is ticker, so chatcommands start with /ticker_ but if you set it to "towncrier", chatcommands will start with /towncrier_


Set this to the colour you want the ticker have in chat


Set this to the default repeat timer you want the ticker have in chat. 3600 means "once per hour"


Set this to what the examples command should display. Break line with \n


Set those to the list of privs you want to allow the execution of the corresponding commands:

yl_ticker.user_privs allows * listing single ticker * copy single ticker * listing all tickers * Show help * Show examples

yl_ticker.admin_privs allows * listing single ticker * copy single ticker * listing all tickers * add ticker * delete ticker * say ticker to main chat * say all tickers to main chat


This mod targets servers, but should work in singleplayer, too. It comes with no direct content but exposes functions you can use in your mod.

Data structure

One ticker consists of an id, a message, an owner, a runtime and a frequency. Example:

    id = 1,
    creation_date = os.time(),
    message = "[EVENT] Don't forget to join the event tonight!",
    owner = "Admin",
    runtime = 1000000,
    frequency = 3600,
    param = "[EVENT] Don't forget to join the event tonight!$3600$1000000"

Those tickers sit in a table with id as index:

    1 = {ticker},
    2 = {ticker},
    [5] = {ticker}


/ticker_add message$frequency in seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks$runtime in seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/utc

Sends the message each frequency for runtime or until timestamp.

Time distances may be given as 60s or 60 s, allowed units are s = second, m = minute, h = hour, d = day and w = week.

Runtime may also be given as an enddate in utc timestamp 1704117600utc or 1704117600 utc

/ticker_copy ticker_id

Open the ticker with ID in a formspec, so it can be copied.

/ticker_delete ticker_id

Delete the ticker ID.


List attributes of ticker with ID to you.


Lists all tickers to you.

/ticker_say ticker_id

Say the ticker with ID in main chat.


Say all tickers in main chat.


Displays a help overview of all ticker-related commands


Shows a formspec with (configurable) examples people can copy out of


Use the following public functions to get, set, list and remove ticker


Returns a table with the values of this ticker_id. Returns nil, if it does not exist. Returns false, "errormessage" if an error occurred.

yl_ticker.set(message, frequency, runtime, owner, param)

Adds this ticker to the list and returns true, ticker_id if accepted, false, "errormessage" if not.


Returns true, formspecstring if a ticker was found, with formspecstring including the /ticker_add string, so it can be easily copied from. Returns false, errormessage if an error occurred.


Returns true, {ticker} if one ticker was successfully removed, false, "errormessage" otherwise.


Returns true, { id = {ticker}, ... } if one or more ticker were found or false, {} if none were found.

yl_ticker.say(ticker_id, target)

Returns true, {ticker} if one ticker was found or false, {} if none were found.


  • No colours
  • No tags like [EVENT]


  • For immediate one-time ticker, use the notification mod
  • For future one-time ticker, use the yl_scheduler mod

Supported versions

If you run yl_ticker, but something is wrong, please file a bug. PRs also welcome.

There is no reason to believe it doesn't work anywhere, but you never know.

Allied projects

If you know a project that uses this mod tell us and we will add it to the list.


Remove it from your mod folder or deactivate it in your

Mods that depend on it will cease to work, if the mod is removed without proper replacement.



  • Code MIT AliasAlreadyTaken
  • Screenshot CC0 Styxcolor

Thank you

  • Styxcolor



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