Extended Circular Saw

An extension for the circular saw from the original moreblocks mod adding a big set of new microblocks shapes.

Building Decorative

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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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An extension for the circular saw from the original moreblocks mod (https://github.com/minetest-mods/moreblocks) with adding a big set of new microblocks shapes (columns, two/three-sided slabs, corners, slats and more). Also, for a convenience the mod adds the scrollable container for the circular saw output inventory list. Depends on moreblocks.

Imprortant: the release 02.04.24 fixed the registration of all microblocks added by this mod. Before they even didn't show in the circular saw and as a result only a half of all shapes was in the output inventory. Now it works fine.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Fantastic new shapes, but hard to use in an actual world

    I'm a builder and these shapes are exactly what builders need, filling in some of the glaring holes that moreblocks left us with. But there's a catch - There are roughly 120 additional nodes that will be registered for every full node added to the circular saw using this mod. That adds up quick... Registering 100 nodes for the circular saw will already add 12,000 (+100) different nodes to your world, at which point you have to start thinking about minetest's hardcoded node limit. And builders tend to work with much more than 100 nodes :)

    Frankly, Minetest needs better support for node shapes, either putting them in a new param (may increase world sizes) or un-hardcoding the node limit (also would increase world sizes), or some other method that tries to reduce the damage the change might cause. This mod does everything it should, and is super useful, but it will hardly get use in public servers currently (and local worlds) simply because of Minetest's node limits!

  • Just what we wanted

    That is incredibely helpful, it had like every combination of existing shapes, so, as a builder like me, it is just perfect. We no longer have to invent architectural concepts because the shapes doesn't fit correctly.

    However, as Caleb suggested it, it requires a lot of new nodes. That is a Minetest core problem, but as a good solution, maybe « grouping » (why not in formspec also) nodes (I noticed that there are different types of translations, like « slab of ... » used for several blocks), then using it in settings ? Those settings should be hierarchized also (if you don't enable slopes, you cannot enable slabed slopes).

    However this is such as masterpiece.