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Adds realistic elevators with smooth moving. Currently this adds only one sort of elevator. In future more ones will be added.


  • Flexible & dynamic floors net system.
  • Cabin hangs on rope.
  • Smooth moving of elevator cabin from one point to other.
  • Smooth opening/closing doors (outer/inner).
  • Allows to transport all entities (not only players).
  • Support for basic_materials (also luxury_decor in next versions) for crafting.

How to build elevator shaft?


Craft recipes:

Use crafting guide mod or default one.

Mod Dependencies:

default, farming, stairs, basic_materials.

Mod License:

MIT (Code and media).

Mod version:




Do you recommend this mod?

  • In this version, its buggy.

    This mod spams your chat with code whenever a function happens. This includes the start of every game and every elevator interaction.

    Sometimes, getting out of the elivator will make your pov 1 block short so it looks like your 1 block tall. Going into third person shows that your 2 blocks tall but your first person view will only show you as 1 block tall.

    Leaving the game results in a crash with this mod as its primary reason. Appon rejoining the game, the chat is spammed 24-7 with the function " on_activate() " This has now killed my game with 2FPS and made it unplayble so I will have to uninstall it until their is a soltion.

    Uninstalling this mod eliminated every issue including chat spam, crashes, and 2FPS. (just to say that it wasnt another mod with this issue)

  • Very cool and perfect for teaching little ones about elevators.

    But the problem is:

    1. The game will crash at the end of the game. Because the minetest cannot serialize the userdata type.
    2. The elevator won't work and may crash the game when you start the game again
  • Created shaft but lift still need one

    Created shaft but elevator(lift) still need one as it is log message said