List Items Chat Command

Chat command that lists registered items & entities.

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A chat command for listing registered items, nodes, entities, etc. To see available types that can be listed execute /help list.



  • list: Lists registered items or entities available in the game.
    • Invocation: /list type [options] [string1] [string2] ...
      • type: List type (e.g. "items", "entities", etc.).
      • options: Switches to control output behavior.
        • -v: Display description (if available) after object name.
        • -s: Use shallow search (don't search in descriptions).
      • string[1,2] ...: String parameter(s) to filter output.
      • Without any string parameters, all objects registered in game are listed.
      • With string parameters, only objects matching any of the strings will be listed.

With the listitems.enable_singleword setting enabled, types can be invoked as a single word combined with "list". E.g. /listitems, /listentities, etc.



Depends: none

Optional depends:

  • mobs_redo (adds "list mobs" chat command)

Privileges: none



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