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This is a stripped-down version of MPD with a "chiptune" (8bit-like music) playlist.

Players can control the volume with the /music chat command. Like the original MPD mod, it can take some time before the music starts.

One day, I had the idea that 8bit music would fit Minetest's look-and-feel pretty well, and should compress quite well (good for servers and download times). And indeed, we have here 15 tracks for 30 minutes of music and less than 8mb total.

Music: Eric Skiff - Resistor Anthems - Available at

Music: Eric Skiff - Resistor Anthems II - Available at

NOTE: the original MP3 have been converted to ogg format AND downgraded to lower quality in order to downsize them nearly as much as possible.



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  • works well

    pretty cute, the volume is low, and wonder if i can add my own tunes. i see a setting in settings for 'music' and volume was at .3 which seems about right, but i have also installed other music mods, testing one at a time, but this mod is working fine in mesecraft with no conflicts.