For Minetest 5.1 and above

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AuroraTech is a small mod made in 4 days for the UMTD Combat Modding Event. It adds four machines and four unique tools to Minetest.


Mese Generator

Crafting Recipe

The Mese Generator is used to power the Lava Crucible and Diamond Empowerer. You fuel it by interacting with it with a mese crystal in hand. It will then power adjacent devices for a short amount of time, before consuming the crystal. It can power up to four adjacent devices at once, but powering more will make them all go slower. Take care not to break it while it's generating power!

Diamond Empowerer

Crafting Recipe

The Diamond Empowerer creates Empowered Diamonds when given a regular diamond and powered by a Mese Generator. Powered diamonds are used for crafting.

Lava Crucible

Crafting Recipe

The Lava Crucible creates Lava Charges when filled with lava and powered by a Mese Generator. Lava Charges can be crafted into Lava Cores by placing nine in a grid, and can be used for crafting or as light sources.


Crafting Recipe

The Recharger is used to Recharge the Drone Remote.



Crafting Recipe

The Blink Launcher allows you to shoot a projectile, and then teleport to it. It can be refuelled by crafting it with Empowered Diamonds.

Mining Laser

Crafting Recipe

The Mining Laser is an extremely fast, lava powered, ranged mining device. It can be refuelled by crafting it with Lava Charges or Lava Cores.

Warp Boots

Crafting Recipe

The Warp Boots allow you to propel yourself forward by double tapping W, even allowing you to warp through two meter thick walls. They do not need to be refuelled, instead breaking when they run out of durability.

Drone Remote

Crafting Recipe

The Drone Remote allows you to pilot a weaponized drone, and detonate it when finished.

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  • Future has come up

    This mod allows you to grab some cool futuristic utilities which are damn great but just one request that the game crashes as soon as I detonated the drone in water