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You Can't Touch It Either

A simple protected node storage mod for Nodecore servers.

Designed in similar spirit to nc_yctiwy (You Can't Take it With You) by Warr1024


Golden Lockbox node

Behaves like a typical Nodecore lode shelf, but is owned by it's placer and is able to be gently locked.

Golden Lockbox Key

Used to lock a lockbox, or claim an unclaimed lockbox.

Securium Shard

A mineral found underground that is obtained as a secondary product of mining lode ore.



Use of lockboxes with totes is supported, but unlocked lockboxes may still be moved by others using a tote (Though they are still soulbound to their original owners).


YCTIE is (C)2020 by AvicenniaG []

MIT License (

CC BY 4.0

See included LICENSE file for full details and credits

  • A Recent bug causing lode ore to be deleted has been patched.

Feel free to report any issues or contact via the above email address or GitHub []

  • Avi



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