Adds the badlands biome, which contains plentiful clay and gold.

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This mod adds the badlands biome.

There is a variety of baked clay nodes to be found in this biome.

If you dig below the surface, you will find an abundance of gold.

Based on the real life badlands biome in the western United States, which contains multicolored clay strata.

The gold rush took place in this biome.



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  • Captures the beauty of the Western Canyons.

    Adds a more beautiful desert biome. Canyons look so much more compelling.
    Would you be willing to make the following changes: node_stone = "default:desert_stone", & ore = "default:stone_with_gold", wherein = "default:desert_stone", ? It would then work out of the box with my petroglyphs mod, and also mob_biome_mapper/animal world mods. Those mob mods would allow caves to be filled with bats, spiders, scorpions, rats, lizards, snakes.
    You could leave the stone_with_gold ore as is, or create a new node desert_stone_with_gold that could drop gold.


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