Stair Carpets

Allows you to place carpets on stairs and slabs.

Building Decorative

Download (518 KB)

How do I install this?

This mod makes it so that you can place carpets on stairs and slabs.

The carpets will change shape to match the stairs and slabs.

To place them simply place a normal carpet on top of a stair or slab.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Unironically ingenious.

    I haven't ever seen such creative mods before. What an obvious yet outstanding idea. The stair carpets are indeed very important not only in real life, softening our heavy steps from the first floor towards the attic that houses our minetest modding slaves, but also as a mere decoration that pleases, placates, pacifies and satisfies our eyes, tired from the usual humdrum. (Trust me, this is my honest and earnest opinion.)

  • Clever implementation, small visual bug, otherwise perfect!

    Not only does this mod do what it says, it manages to put the carpet node and the stair node into the same space visually.

    This means that players can remove the stairs after placing the carpet to create carpet-only stairways with this technique.

    As a result of the trickery, placing a node directly above the carpet does not work; it gets placed one node-height higher.

    I found a single rendering bug: The corner stair carpet partially overlaps the corner stairs; this overlap leads to z-fighting.

  • This is genial!!!

    It grants you to build on more surfaces, no need to adapt the terrain or let it alone. You made me Michael Rosen: Noice mod!