Stone Chests

Replaces the wooden chests found in dungeons with stone chests.

Work in Progress Building Decorative Mapgen / Biomes / Decoration Storage

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This mod replaces the wooden chests found in dungeons with stone chests, which match their surroundings better than the wooden chests. There is also desert stone chests.

The stone chests are uncraftable so if you want one you have to go exploring. This serves to add an exclusive item to dungeons.

I am working on stone chests for different types of stone, which will come at a later release (sandstone chests, silver sandstone chests, etc.).



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Why are they uncraftable? (a non-developer viewpoint)

    They are uncraftable to make them interesting, but as I used to say: "Don't let balancing mess with logic". They're just chests made of stone. Why are they uncraftable? This is not meant to be a suggestion, just a note. I could make a mod for recipes for anyone who wants recipes for them.

    I still recommend this mod for anyone that wants it, you may not get the mod that makes them craftable if you want them to be prized; I just wanted to drop my opinion on those chests being uncraftable.

  • Looks awesome!

    I should check this out sometime!

    This will definitely breathe more life into dungeon exploration. I like how it's uncraftable so if you have one at home, you can flex about your epic underground journey. LOL

    Sandstone and desert stone chests sound really neat. It would provide a unique experience for each type of dungeon out there...