Corroded Metal

Metal can rust when next to water. Restore it with acid from underground.

Building Decorative Survival

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How do I install this?

Steel, tin, bronze and copper can rust over time when placed by water. Acid from underground (starting at -256), can restore metal in the same manner.

If you encounter a bug, notify me immediately.

This mod was built in approximately 5 hours. StarNinjas inspired me with his dedication to building the Industrious mod with limited time.



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  • Oh yeah this is cool!

    Hey this mod is super cool! it's really good for old looking buildings!

  • Awesome....

    Definetly using this for building underwater, i want it to rust so itll look like a shipwreck happend 1937987325 years ago... Anyways lol, very nice idea and i didnt even know that it was water that made metal rust... The acid is a bit scary but other than that i recommend it for buildings that need some rust :D

  • Strong acids are not really good reducers.

    To actually more or less fully restore a metal from an oxide like Fe2O3, one would need an ion of hydrogen of aluminium. Acids can corrode the metal further by reacting with it and forming tough sulfates. What actually can unspoil iron is lemon juice and the citric acid in it -- a weak one -- that provides a lot of hydrogen ions if dissolved generously in water.