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A minetest mod that enables users to get a pathogen.


  • Easily define a new pathogen using the pathogen API
  • Demo pathogens that are infectious and sometimes deadly.



Occurs when ascending too quickly. Symptons include hiccups and random sense of gravity. There is no known cure yet. ( any suggestions? stone soup anyone? )


Highly contagious as it is airborne. Being around someone that has the diseases increases the chances of getting the virus drastically. It is advised to eat well and keep your distance from players that are coughing. Death is very unlikely.


Contagious through body fluids. It is ok to be near someone that has the disease. Make sure that when cleaning up after someone that has expelled fluids, to decontaminate the fluids first. This can be done with the Decontaminator Decontaminator.


Symptons include gas and burps. Occasionaly a shard. Carrier contaminates nearby surfaces when symptoms show. These can intern infect players that dig the infected nodes. Not deadly for those that have good health.


  • Comes with nodes like vomit, blood and feces that are infectious when dug.
  • A bio hazard warning fence, in case a quarantine is required.
  • A decontaminater for removing infectious fluids.

Crafts['xpanes:fence_warning'] =  {
  {'group:stick', 'wool:red', 'group:stick'},
  {'group:stick', 'wool:red', 'group:stick'},
  {'group:stick', 'wool:red', 'group:stick'}
}['pathogen:decontaminator'] = {


Infections can be initiated by using commands. It requires the "pathogen" privilege. /grant <playername> pathogen.

--list all pathogens and their descriptions

/infect <player name> <pathogen name>
--infect the player

/immunize <player name> <pathogen name>
--make player immune to particular pathogen


  • saving infections for persistence between server restarts
  • more pathogens and cures
  • make the API more flexible, consistent and forgiving
  • register immunization with pathogen in seconds



  • Code WTFPL
  • Images WTFPL
  • Sounds CC



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Educational and adds a new dimension to Minetest

    This mod adds diseases that are pretty similar to real ones. It provides diseases, methods of infection, preventative measures and also healthy/non-healthy players. Really cool and interesting mechanic, though I have some suggestions:

    • make raw food have a chance of carrying diseases

    • make players have a chance of getting genetic diseases when they join (they automatically have the disease thus it is genetic)

    • sanitiser

    • clean/unclean water (this one is a bit of a stretch)

    • ways to tell if someone is sick (different skin overlay-will probably have issues with hair layer)

    Other than that, the mod is excellent!

  • Extremely interesting

    Looks like a fun addition to provide a little more realism

  • scarey

    a scarey mod to add, gotta be safe and keep your distance.