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Simple, flexible, easy to use armor with no dependancies

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

This is a simple armor mod. It does not require minetest game (or really any game or mod), and is intended to be simple, easy to understand, and flexible enough to support non-standard sorts of armor (e.g. perhaps an amulet of protection). It doesn't contain any actual armors, just an api for creating them.


Equip: Right click with it in your hand. UnEquip: Right click with empty hand.

(You must not be pointing at any object).

It uses 'slots' essentially an armor cannot be equipped in a slot that is already occupied. The 'standard' slots are head, torso, arms, legs, feet, but you are not contrained to this. A slot can be anything, for example 'earings' will work just fine for, say, magic earings of protection.


Texture is optional, so you can use it for magic items like say a magic talisman of protection. If you need a texture, just use the traditional model layout (see character.png). It will overlay the texture over whatever texture you already have mapped to your player model.

Creating armor

Creating armor is like creating a craft item, except there is an aditional property 'armor'


simple_armor.register("titanium:boots", {

    description = "Titanium Boots",

    inventory_image = "titanium_boots_item.png",

    armor = {
        slot = "feet",             
        groups = { fleshy = 15 },     -- this gives 15% protection. 
        texture = "titanium_boots.png", -- this is overlay on player model

Thats it!

Dependancies and support of other mods

There are no real dependancies on other mods. It has been breify tested with both skinsDB and simple_skins

And seems to work fine with them.

player_api etc. is listed as optional depends just to fix module loading order.

Upcoming features (possibly!)

  • Support for sfinv and other inventories
  • Support for custom armor algorythms



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