Time and Date Stamps

This mod overrides the default chat format so that it also contains the date and time that the message was sent.

Chat / Commands Multiplayer-focused

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This mod overrides the default chat format so that it also contains the date and time that the message was sent. It has settings to choose the time and date format as well as the timezone to use and a setting for daylight savings. This mod is currently in development but is fully playable but bugs are still possible.

License This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details. If your own software uses code from this work, please credit me. If you have questions about the copyright of this mod, you can reach me at aldoessoftwaredevelopment@gmail.com.



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  • Could have been a plugin, doesn't offer international format

    Overriding the default chat experience is okay for a tiny little server where chat is kind of slow and a chat handling mod with a framework may be considered overkill. Bigger servers will want something like Beerchat, with multiple channels and features like channel bans, colourisation, mutes. This could have been a plugin for Beerchat which would offer an even better experience. It's incompatible as-is. Of course, it's no problem to provide a standalone version of the mod as well.

    Regardless of complaints about plugins let's focus the review on what the mod provides if you're just going to use it and not use plugins. There are two date formats on offer: mm/dd/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy. I appreciate that the author wanted to cater to an international audience - those are the most popular formats in the Anglosphere at least. Other countries use other punctuation like - or . for the separators, and this might have helped disambiguation. For instance, the German format is usually dd.mm.yyyy. The fact of using dots instead of slashes could help a new user with at least a little clue on which format is being used.

    Timezone is also another issue; the user can't always easily relate the server time to their own. A UTC option may have been a decent option, but it may also just be incumbent on the server to let people know what their timezone is. Some servers are set to UTC and others are set to local time of the datacentre.