Hopper Compatibility

Adds hopper compatibility for other mods like technic, elepower and even connected chests!

Building Mechanics and Tools Storage Machines / Electronics

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This mod enhances the functionality of hoppers in Minetest by enabling compatibility with various containers and machines from other mods.

Key features include:

Expanded Compatibility: This mod aims to work seamlessly with a wide range of mods. Future updates will continue to expand this compatibility. Support for Connected Chests: As of release v2.0.0, hoppers can now interact with connected chests, opening up new possibilities for item storage and transfer.

Please note that this mod is currently under development. While every effort is made to ensure smooth operation, there may be occasional issues. Your patience and feedback are greatly appreciated. For more details, see the readme.md file.

WARNING: Connected_chest support only works with FaceDeer's version of the hoppers mod which can be found here: https://content.minetest.net/packages/FaceDeer/hopper/ . All other functionality should still work with tenplus1's version but I havn't tested it.

Release v2.0.0 and all releases after use some code from FaceDeer's version of the hopper mod in order to make item transfer work between connected chests. See readme.md for details.



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