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Digilines holographic emitter

Create and react to holograms configured with digiline commands

Note: use on multiplayer servers on your own risk! (Some parameters are passed to the minetest-api unsanitized)


More examples:

Rotating sam

Note: needs the player_api mod (included in the minetest_game)

if event.type == "program" then
  digiline_send("holoemitter", {
    command = "emit",
    pos = { x=2, y=2, z=0 },
    id = "my_entity_id",
    properties = {
      visual = "mesh",
      mesh = "character.b3d",
      visual_size = {x=1,y=1},
      textures = {"character.png"},
      automatic_rotate = 1,
      glow = 10,
      physical = false,
      collide_with_objects = false,
      pointable = true,
      nametag = "test"

Display text

Note: needs the display_modpack to work

if event.type == "program" then
    digiline_send("holoemitter", { command = "reset" })
    digiline_send("holoemitter", {
        command = "emittext",
        pos = { x=0, y=2, z=0 },
        id = "my_entity_id",
        text = "Test",
        size_x = 2,
        size_y = 1,
        rotation = { x=0, y=0, z=0 }



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Super cool feature! Suggestion..

    Thank you for this mod, works like a charm for now.

    Is it somehow possible to display pictures from my harddrive through the Holoemitter? If not you maybe could add it with png support (transparency)! I would love to use this function.

  • Really fun to play with

    I hope we will be able soon to use it with no risk on our servers!