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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Super sam adventures

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State: Playable prototype

Guide sam through the various levels and score points

Built with mapsync

Official discord server:

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  • /ambience [on|off] enable or disable ambient sounds
  • /mode [edit|play] switch between play- and edit-mode (to edit the map)

Map editing / contributing

Contact me on IRC (BuckarooBanzai) or discord (BuckarooBanzai#6742)




Do you recommend this game?

  • Potential for a great platform

    Yes, I'm aware this is basically a Super Mario clone that needs polishing, but hey, I've had fun. I've appreciated the hidden areas and the general cure for the artistic side (sound when jumping, BGMs, a texture pack that fits with the genre), and too bad the player can't be shifted when standing on a moving platform - but I'd say that's an engine limitation.

    At this state of development, my only critique is that a good level design can completely change the game: money can be used to guide the player, to give them some challenge, and not randomly spreading them through the map Spyro-style makes the act of collecting feel rewarding; also, I'd shrink some places here and there. In general, I hope to see something more curated in the future on this aspect (no matter what level of difficulty the author is aiming for).

    I'm definitely going to keep this one installed to see what comes next: maybe time has come to have nice platforms on Minetest too. Go for it :D

  • Nice game

    The gameplay is a bit simple and there is only a few levels for now, but its a very promising game!

    Graphics are really nice, especiallly the moving platforms :) HUD should be improved a bit, but is acceptable.

  • great

    love it need more of it

  • It's mario!

    What more is there to say it's mario in minetest. It is very functional with little to no bugs and also has pretty good level design. My only gripe is that the time of day is not set, so if you play for too long it will turn to night and you will literaly be left in the dark untill the next moring. But other than that pretty fun.

  • Very good!

    It's a fun game that doesn't really feel like a minetest game, I like that! Also when I'm playing this on mobile it doesn't feel like I'm playing a PC game on my phone, which is good.

  • Great game

    The game is nice but the enemies are missing, for example the gombas, koopas, and final bosses like Bowser, although it is a good mod

  • This looks familiar... ;3

    Was browsing games in Minetest's catalog and found one with some... familiar graphics. Yup, I made them! Well, some of them. XP

    I found it rather odd the way muffins are used. Instead of healing, they add stat buffs that wear off after a few seconds. It caught me off guard at first, since there's no timer to tell you how long you have left, and it seems you have to die to make them respawn. But then I don't think this game intends to be a one-to-one remake of Mario or SuperTux in 3D; it's cleary its own thing. Though, if you'd like, I could make some custom item icons that would be less confusing. Get in touch with me and let me know what you need!

    Gameplay-wise, the levels are good, but seem a bit advanced. I think you should make some short and simple ones first to get people accustomed to how stuff works. It'll also help prevent burnout when designing levels if you don't start out with all your advanced ideas first. If possible, find a way to make moving platforms move the player, too.

    Not sure if this is doable, but one feature request would be if the third person camera could have the player avatar turning independant of the camera's angle. Think like how the 3D Marios or Breath of the Wild do. If it's not doable, don't sweat it, but platforming is way easier in third person.

    Overall, though, this is an amazing start, and I can't wait to see where it goes! And again, feel free to get in touch with me for any graphical requests you have.

  • Parkour Puzzle is amazing

    This game combines minetest with super mario based theme interesting parkour game with puzzles like to find the hollow block to find secret rooms. But more levels are needed to be added and make into fully fledged game. I think collecting money also needs some reason or a store where you can buy some special stuffs like skipping level if they are going to more levels. Also the panorama outside map is nice and didn't expect that.

  • very fun 😁

    this game is a lot of fun, I hope the project continues and has more stages... Good luck and success :)

  • A game with great potential

    It is a game that can entertain you for a long time, despite being short the number of times I died made the game lengthen. I am sure that with each update the game will be more fun.



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