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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Have you ever wanted to soar through your worlds?

Now you can with Glider.

Glider uses the entity rotation system to add somewhat realistic flight with a bit of fun mixed in.

Simply punch while holding a glider (preferably while walking forward) to take off and use the rockets to boost your speed.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • rad

    Very fun and satisfying to use, the other glider mod is a classic yes but there's just no comparison here. instant permanent install for me

  • Flight dynamics that one would expect

    A good flight model that allows to dive and rise. The mod also does not mess with the player's physics, which avoids problems with mods that change them, by using an entity instead. The drawback, though, is that players may experience "rubberbanding" sometimes, but that's an issue with the engine that might eventually get fixed.

  • Just Minecraft Elytra, but OP

    When I first installed it, I said to myself "oh, flying up and down could be cool". After crafting some rockets and glider (really cheap, btw) I tested it. MUCH more better than mineclone's elytra (btw, really complicated to launch and big problems for small computers) and nice flying. Also, it hasn't something like tool wear, so it's kinda overpowered. Must-have for explorers!

  • Great mod, pairs with sprinting nicely

    Sprinting into a flight feels amazing! Beyond Minetest's entity jank this mod works very well, love the mouse controls as well.

  • Great mod

    maybe the crafting recipe is a bit too cheap but idk how to improve it myself

    I love this mod either way