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How do I install this?

The Tanks are coming. Are you ready?


/new_td_game easy|medium|hard will create a new tower defense game and tell you the ID needed to join it.

/end_td_game will end the tower defense game with the id.

/join_td_game will join the game of the given id.

/leave_td_game will exit your current game.

/td_high_score will tell you the current high score.

In order to create and end games you need the tower_defense priv.

Once in-game open your inventory to access the store where you can buy barricades, turrets, weapons, health for your flag, or even start the next wave.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Very fun minigame

    Good amount of different stuff, intresting concept.

    Some bad points:

    • graphics arent very nice
    • this minigame should use arenalib or be an all in one game to be usable on servers